Ultimate Archery Instructional Video

Ultimate Archery Instructional Video

I’ve been collaborating with my videographer friend, Shane Thompson, on an awesome archery instructional video. The content for this video is based on lessons I’ve put together and used to teach hundreds of people over the years.

The first instructional video will be out soon and I will post the link here.

Below is the intro video. Pretty cool, huh?!

My Wife’s New Music Video: The Climb

Outdoor Music Video: The Climb

This song and storyline was written by my wife, Esther, and filmed by me.

What does this have to do with Zen-hunting? The concept for this video was inspired by man’s constant struggle between balancing modern life and his inextinguishable desire to return to Nature.

When you achieve this balance, that is Zen. We are not really hunting for animals, we are hunting for ourselves.

Elk Video 2 of 2 from 2013 deer hunt:

Close-up Bull Elk Footage 2 of 2

I’m going back through my video archives from previous hunts and posting them here.  Here is some amazing, close-up elk footage from 2013. What a rush to be so close to such majestic and powerful animals!

See more elk footage from the same hunt at:

Bull Elk Video 1 of 2