Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year

Thank good golly goodness 2015 is over!

Actually it wasn’t that horrible, but I sometimes I get accused of being overly critical. Call me a pessimist, but accepting mediocrity with a smile can only be detrimental to my lofty goals.

I entered 2015 with one goal: to shoot a 200″+ mule deer buck with a bow. It didn’t happen. I failed for three primary reasons:

  • First, because there are too many hunters vying for too few tags, I drew my last choice unit and lost hope from the outset.
  • Second, because of my busy work schedule I didn’t bother to scout my 5th choice unit. Work should never be an excuse for failure!
  • Third, I spent half of the general hunt helping my lovely wife with her Limited Entry elk hunt in Southern Utah where I didn’t even carry a bow.
  • Last of all, I entered the Wasatch Extended Hunt, where I’ve never even seen a 200″ deer, and failed there too.

So 2016 will be different. I’ve mentioned many times here that SUCCESS IS A DECISION. Last year, while wandering endlessly down an empty game trail, an annoying inner voice insisted that success is NOT a decision; that there are simply too many variables working against me, and so I can’t make that decision. By the time the season ended, a stronger voice confirmed that success is in fact a decision, but only if you are willing to do whatever it takes. That means putting in the time and effort worthy of a 200″ buck. I realize now that I didn’t do this.

So, this year I have only one resolution: to harvest a 200″+ muley buck with my bow. Here’s I will make it happen:

  • I will decline any and every job/work/responsibility that conflicts with my deer hunt.
  • Whatever crappy unit I end up drawing, I will scout every single week starting in summer and leading up to opening day. I’ve always believed there’s a huge,  200″ buck living in every single unit of the state; you just have to find it.
  • And finally, I will hunt out-of-state. The problem with Utah is you only get one tag and one opportunity. Giant bucks require more opportunities.

That’s all folks. I hope y’all are setting high sandards for this coming hunting year. Remember, success is always a decision, but only as long as you are willing to do whatever it takes.

P.S.  You can expect much more new and exciting iformation here in 2016. Last year I received tons of hunting insights and revelations. All of this will be shared here in 2016.


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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016”

  1. Making goals that you really set in your heart and are realistic is critical. My heartfelt goals this year were to help my daughter harvest her first big game animal. She harvested both a buck and an elk. It was awesome. I was perfectly happy with how the season went, even though I did not set any lofty goals for my own hunting, as I was concerned about the time dedication. I did manage to harvest my best buck to date, although that’s not saying much. Gotta really think about my goals this coming year. Might be time to harvest a really decent bull elk.

    I think you’ll get it done in Utah this year. But i am curious, which state(s) are you going to add to your schedule that will still allow you the time you need for the Utah general hunt?

    1. Good points, Russ. Here’s some clarification:

      Last year I set a goal to shoot a 200″ buck AND help Esther with her limited-entry hunt. Turns out you can’t do both. So really I sabotaged my goal from the start. But that’s okay; I wouldn’t trade Esther’s big bull for any buck! It’s WONDERFUL to help people. There’s nothing more noble than setting a goal to help someone with their goal, especially family.

      My lofty goals are deemed ridiculous by many people; I mean, how can I expect to shoot a 200″+ buck on public land with a general tag?! Am I just setting myself up for failure? Am I setting unrealistic goals? NO, because I’ve done it twice already and I know the secret recipe; unfortunately that recipe takes incredible resources, mostly time. It’s important to realize that in setting ridiculously high goals you must do something every day to get closer to it: physical training, shooting practice, map study, scouting, scouting, and scouting. Most importantly is to acknowledge your goal every single day. Keep it in the forefront of your mind. Format your mind to focus all possible energy and decisions on your goal and you’ll find a way to reach it.

      As for out-of-state hunts, I only have one in mind: IDAHO. I am a man of big vision and little means; a po’ folks po’ folk. For this reason I refuse to pay into the yuppie system of buying points in multiple western states, especially when Utah has such great bucks even on general units. In my opinion the point system is evil. It might seem fair, but it really takes away opportunity from young hunters and new hunters while catering only to the rich. That being said, I need more opportunities and since Idaho is one of the only states that doesn’t have a draw system, it’s my best chance at getting a tag. Also, Idaho has several general deer hunts that don’t conflict with Utah’s season.

      Congrats, Russ, on your biggest mule deer and good luck with your big bull goals. Remember, elk are EASY!

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