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Blog Site HACK!!! (June 2015)

Blog Site Hacked

I was doing so well; adding new and exciting articles to my blog, so hopeful for a great 2015.

Then, in June I noticed my links and photos were being re-routed to malicious websites. MY BLOG SITE WAS HACKED!

Wonderful, I thought. All the hard work and countless hours spent building my site and posting lengthy articles, now ruined. Thanks evil world! Just what I needed!

In July I began diligent studies of ways to fix this problem. Basically the hackers are so careful to hide the hack within the site code that it’s almost impossible to fix this problem without nuking the site and starting over. So that’s what I did.

Long story short, I spent most of July rebuilding this site from scratch, spending countless hours re-uploading 88 posts and several pages of content.

Not only did I rebuild the entire site, but I then added several complex security measures to avoid future hacks. One measure tracks the number of attempted hacker logins. As it turns out I’m getting up to 60 attempted hacks per day. That’s crazy! What’s wrong with you people! It’s pure EVIL! To say that I’ve lost complete faith in humanity would be an understatement.

Finally, as of today, it’s done. The site is back up and running. This new and SAFER site is running at full steam, and just in time for the hunting season too!