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Modern Food Disaster

Modern Food Disaster

So, I was listening to news radio and they announced today that the price of meat, fish, and eggs has risen by 10% this year. That’s 10%, folks! This is a modern food disaster. Surely I’m not making any more money this year than last, but if I wish to eat protein–the building blocks of my active life–I guess I’ll either shell out 10% more…


…shoot the dang food myself!

I’ll choose the latter; I  was planning on it anyway.

Not only is wild game more cost effective (assuming you’re hunting in an economically feasible way), but it’s much more healthy than store-bought meat–by far! Have you seen the conditions that farm animals live in? Do you know what hormones and other garbage they’re feeding the animals that you feed to your family? Do you know how fatty and non-nutritious this modern, pseudo-food really is?

I could go on and on, but instead I’ll just pull a passage from my book, Zen Hunting, for you to chew on:

These days, nature provides the building blocks of my life. The meat that I harvest by bow-and-arrow is my primary source of protein. But for the vast majority of our exploding population, their treat is tainted meat. Rotten, toxic, inorganic, sugary, imported food from third world countries wreaks havoc on our children’s bodies and minds. It spawns such wretched diseases as cancer, autism, obesity, and diabetes. It’s weakening an entire generation before our eyes, but we don’t see it because we’re too busy. The grand system distracts us from this truth with busy-ness, and thrusts upon our tables the caustic food of convenience. In truth, health is everything. Without it, we have nothing. Life stops with illness—the sick have no freedom…