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Taxidermy Turkey Fan Mounts

Deluxe turkey fan with wings, fan, spurs, beard & skull.

Taxidermy Turkey Fan Mounts

In just the last three decades, previously nonexistent wild turkeys have flourished in Utah. Now anyone can buy an over-the-counter general turkey tag and go out hunting for these big, noisy, and tasty birds every spring.

Strutting display of a Rio Grande tom turkey. (Photo courtesy of Utah DWR)

If you apply for a “limited entry” turkey tag, you can even hunt them in April, a full month before general hunters. This definitely  increases your odds of success.

Once you’ve harvested a great gobbler, it seems a shame to just  waste all those unique, iridescent feathers. The wild turkey is no Thankgiving birdis is no thanksgiving bird;  it is nature’s beauty at it’s finest.

Fortunately, your friendly, neighborhood taxidermist (me) now offers a wonderful way to display your turkey and preserve all those exciting hunting memories for a lifetime. I proudly present the…

Turkey Fan Mount

Standard fan mount w/ beard and spurs.

This turkey was taken by my brother, Brent.  Congratulations on a fine, adult strutter!


The spurs shown on the plaque above are used for fighting among breeding males.

Turkey fan mount with beard, spurs, and skull.

If you’re interested in having your turkey fan mounted, prices start at $100. There’s an additional cost if you want to include the skull and/or wings. You can choose an engraved nameplate attached.

For more info, visit natestaxidermy.net.

Note:  I don’t sell the wood plaque mount, I just mount the bird on the plaque. If you’re interested in mounting one yourself, the mounting kits are available on Amazon and some sporting goods stores.