New Taxidermy Turkey Mounts

Strutting display of a Rio Grande tom turkey. (Photo courtesy of Utah DWR)

New Taxidermy Turkey Fan Mounts

Within the last couple decades, previously non-existent wild turkeys have flourished in Utah. Now anyone can buy an over-the-counter general turkey tag and go out hunting for these big, noisy, and tasty birds every year during the month of May. And if you apply for a ‘limited entry’ turkey tag, you can even hunt in April, a full month before the hoards and masses which exponentially increases your odds of success at these big birds.

Once you’ve harvested one of these gobblers, it seems a shame to just throw out all the unique, iridescent feathers. This is no thanksgiving bird; this is nature at its finest. Fortunately, your friendly, neighborhood taxidermist (me) now offers a wonderful way to display your turkey and relive the exciting hunt for a lifetime. I proudly present the…

Wild Turkey Fan and Beard Mount (with spurs)

Turkey3 Turkey1a

This turkey mount belongs to my brother, Brent.  Congratulations on a fine, adult strutter!


The ‘spurs’ shown here are used for fighting among breeding males.

The price for a these turkey fan mounts are $100, but I am offering a new product special, this year only, for $75!

Note: These plaques also come with an engraved nameplate (not pictured).


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