Politically Incorrect and Proud of It!


I’m unofficially declaring December as National Anti-Political Correctness Month! The following has been on my mind lately…

I’m not racist. In fact I’ve had several Hispanic- and African-American friends throughout my life and still do. My best friend growing up was gay as a June bug! Some of my best friends now are flaming liberals. Doesn’t matter to me; I judge each person on his character and not on his color, religion, creed, or political preference. This is normal; this is what nature intends. And for the vast majority of Americans this is exactly what happens, believe it or not.

That being said, I AM prejudiced! I am prejudiced against every “politically correct” person–white, black, green, or otherwise. Politically correct persons (PCs) are anti-American, anti-God, anti-freedom, and anti-Nature. PCs wish to take away your God- and Country-given rights to free speech, free thought, and free expression.

Modern America has been in a downward spiral because of the lies of political correctness for some time now, but it’s getting worse. More and more people are being persecuted for their belief’s, whether religious, political or otherwise. Ironically, if you believe in God or morality then you are automatically a hater. In my lifetime I’ve seen the good, intellectually honest, hard-working American become a persecuted minority!

Innocent freedom-loving individuals are losing their livelihoods and reputations every day because of this persecution. One case that sticks out in my mind is from 2014 when Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich was forced to resign simply because he made a donation to opponents of gay marriage. The evil PCs destroyed his career, not because of his job performance, but his personal values.

Another example of PC persecution is with the Washington Redskins football team and their American-Indian mascot. Today, if I support the Washington Redskins–which I do–then I’m an anti-Indian racist. Never mind that more than half the team is black millionaires fighting along-side their white teammates. Their mascot–the stately and strong, admirable American-Indian warrior–is detested NOT by American Indians, but ignorant, white, PC hate-mongers who don’t even watch football. Fortunately the NFL doesn’t care about their pitiful plight to change the team’s name, especially the team owner Daniel Snyder who in 2013 told USA Today: “We’ll never change the name. … It’s that simple. NEVER—you can use caps.”


PCs are the REAL hate-mongers. These Godless, uneducated control-nuts are compelled to seek out and hyper-inflate any microscopic social issue in order to give their life some semblance of meaning. They alone perpetuate racism by bringing the slightest black/white race conflict to the forefront of public awareness. They’ve hijacked the media and the University where they elevate these ridiculous, social-non-factor issues above any relevant piece of news or higher education that might actually benefit normal people. They indoctrinate our children with a continual bombardment of liberal values, the highest being the elevation of the weak while suppressing the strong; this being the exact the opposite of Nature and survival of the fittest.

Why is rampant political correction on the rise? This question plagued my mind quite some time. It’s glaringly obvious that widespread racism has been all but wiped out here in the future where we have a black president and many other minority leaders and popular figures. But after observing several PC-driven individuals over the years, it finally occurred to me that political correction is simply a widespread fad; it’s the new “cool”. It’s ‘cool’ to accept everyone and anything with no discernment between good and evil.

For decades American values were dictated by religion and the constitution. But here in the future the bible and the constitution have been abandoned, if not all out detested. It is natural for our children–who are excreted from broken and godless homes–to seek meaning and a foundation of values to base their decisions upon. When they can’t find it at home they glean it from from pop-idols and institutions of higher learning.

Since there is so little for our children to believe in, they buy into the religion of political correction (aka liberalism) which perpetuates the values of acceptance, tolerance, equality, environmentalism, anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, and anti-God. Political correctness is simply the new “cool”.

Tragically, what kids don’t realize is that being cool means acting, speaking, and looking like everyone else–in other words forfeiting their individuality. We’ve all been there, and it’s a sham. But if you live long enough you realize that being cool means saying what you think, pursuing your own dreams, and living your own life according to your values.

The major problem with being a cool kid today is that they don’t have a choice about it. One word of intolerance and the coolest cat in class is ostracized. You MUST be PC in order to survive. From cradle to grave you walk on eggshells to protect your reputation and livelihood. Free speech and free expression WILL be punished at all levels. But I digress…

Being a hunter puts me in a minority class. I’ve been judged negatively for many years by the majority of society simply for harvesting the natural, organic, God-intended renewable resource of animal protein. With colleagues, clients, and in many social situations I find myself hiding the fact that I’m a devout hunter. I must continually defend myself against attacks on my lifestyle choice. By definition I am a suppressed minority. NO JOKE!

Well, ya know what’s funny about being a free-thinking minority? I don’t care. It’s a free country and EVERYONE has the right to think and express whatever opinion they want. If someone hates blacks, gays, Jews, hunters, Hispanics, or any other minority on the planet, who cares?! If someone burns a minority on their front lawn, well, that’s a real problem. If they blow up a church in the name of God, that’s an issue. If someone makes a Muslim joke at Thanksgiving, who cares!? Go crazy !

Speaking in poor taste certainly makes you less popular, but it doesn’t make you a bad person. Acting on evil impulses makes you a bad person. Say what you think, express how you feel, turn Thanksgiving dinner into a racially- or politically-charged cluster bomb. That’s your right as an American. That’s the definition of freedom. That’s what makes our country great.

In conclusion, I implore you to do your part this holiday season to combat the evils of political correctness. If your free speech or exercise of beliefs offends some mindless PC troglodyte, or if someone gets their feel-bads hurt at the annual Christmas party, just remember that there is only one answer to political correctness: WHO CARES!


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4 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect and Proud of It!”

  1. Surprisingly I’ve had more support for this article on social media than almost any other piece. I was expecting a few “Likes” or vague comments, but instead I received impassioned responses of support, even from those whom I least expected.
    Two good “friends” actually contacted me privately offering their support, but were unable to attach their name to it because it might threaten their livelihood. I understand. It just proves how negative and destructive political correctness has become in our previously free country. Going up against the establishment–expressing free thought–is no longer allowed. This is the point of my thesis–this is what must be fought!
    Mark Twain once said, “Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.” Well, the majority is wrong, and this is my reformation proclamation. People appreciate when someone finally says out loud what everyone is thinking, but no one is saying.
    Thank you for your support; I will always fight the PC majority.

  2. Portions of this article were inspired by the persecution of some big-name hunters, in particularly Melissa Bachman and Randy Newberg. These are two of the sweetest and most humble people out there.
    In 2013 huntress Melissa Bachman received some vile death threats after posting a photo with a legally killed lion. One such threat said, “I wish to have some money and kill you myself!”
    Randy Newberg received similar threats after taking a legal wolf in 2012.
    My concern is with how quickly society can go bad. For all of human evolution, mankind has hunted for his meat. Now, in a single generation hunters have been demonized and persecuted for carrying on the tradition. Ridiculous, and worth fighting for!

  3. Seems like only yesterday (10+ years ago) that liberals were the most ardent supporters of the 1st amendment. It was necessary to protect their love of the obscene.

    They won. Now that obscenity and depravity is commonplace, where do they stand on the 1st amendment? Freedom of speech is fine…so long as it is PC or government approved speech. U.S. Attorney General threatens FEDERAL PROSECUTION of “anti-muslim rhetoric”? Conservatives are left to defend the 1st amendment?

    You would think conservatives and liberals could rally together and find this one issue to be something we could agree on. Nope. Their true colors (that we always knew) are on full display!

    1. Well said, Russ. The liberal PC movement isn’t just annoying, but indicative a very dangerous threat: the destruction of the constitution and personal freedoms. I’m afraid we (the conservatives) can’t win this fight because we are vastly outnumbered by the liberal sheeple of America. All of this leads to one thing: American communism. I foresee a time when America is happily converted to a version of the old Soviet Union. When a person says something controversial, he’ll be shot and thrown in a ditch. That’s what we get for not fighting back!

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