Primitive Weapons Survey 2015

DWR Primitive Weapon Survey 2015

Primitive Weapons Survey 2015

I received this survey from the DWR the other day. It asks several questions about using different and newer technologies on bows and guns, such as rangefinders, 50-cal. bullets, bow-scopes, etc. They even asked my opinion on using crossbows during archery season! How is this even being considered? What a joke!

Of course I answered “NO” on every single question. Do you really need a scope and rangefinder attached to your bow? Do you need to hunt deer with a crossbow? If so, maybe you’re a secret gun hunter.

My old adage is gear won’t save you. Forget about the gear and learn about your quarry. For the greatest success, spend more time in the field and less money on equipment

Anyhoo, in the comment section of the survey I wrote:

Modern bow and gun technologies already put the animals at a greater disadvantage. The purpose of hunting is to build sportsmanship and woodcraft, not executing animals at greater and greater distances. Relying on technological advantages not only discourages fair chase, but reduces the number of animals in the field. In the long run it reduces the number of available tags for potential hunters and therefore discourages hunting.

Hopefully the Utah DWR will listen to real sportsmen.

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